Power sources for manual welding

Flexible solutions of electrifying quality

Are you looking for power sources that support efficient and safe welding? In our DINSE range DIX.M you will find a wide selection of in-house developed quality solutions - whether for MMA, TIG, MIG/MAG, pulse or double pulse. The ideal complement to our solutions for manual welding.

The right power source for every welding process

As diverse as the applications, as diverse the models: Our range extends from the portable compact power source to the mobile multi-functional unit to the latest inverter technology with high-frequency ignition and digital control. Our first concern is evident in every solution: To make the work of welders as easy as possible.        

Welding better with safety

All-round protection in every application: The VDR (Voltage Reduction Device) feature of our power sources reduces the output voltage to a safe level when the switched-on machine is not ready to weld. This allows the electrode to be touched safely between welds. Our standard original DINSE sockets with precise taper adjustment ensure perfect current transfer. No compromises when it comes to safety.


Modern inverter technology with up to eight DIX ARC special processes integrated as standard - for processing almost any welding task in MIG/MAG and TIG processes

Smart software and clear control panels for fast setting of the relevant welding parameters

All operating elements easily accessible   

Stable, tinted display covers

robust, evenly shaped casing without interfering contours 

comprehensive protection features

Insight into our product portfolio

Lightweight, easy to operate: Our compact 1-phase manual power source for MMA welding processes convinces with automatic ignition aid and anti-stick function - also for chrome-nickel electrodes.

High-frequency arc starts: No problem thanks to our 1- to 3-phase multifunction power source with lift ignition (PULS). This is how TIG welding processes succeed with maximum efficiency.

For safe MIG-MAG welding processes: DINSE's 3-phase multifunction power source scores with the latest inverter technology. Available with separate wire feed or double wire feed.

Whether in pulse or double pulse mode: Our user-friendly 3-phase multifunction power source enables manual and synergic MIG-MAG welding with perfect arc control.



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