Wire feeding systems for laser welding applications

Faster than the rest, precise as never before!

Laser welding offers the decisive advantage when it comes to achieving outstandingly high welding speeds. With a view to tightly scheduled production and delivery times, efficiency and speed are the superior factors when it comes to choosing the manufacturing technology. 

Laser welding and brazing with a DINSE wire feeding system has always fully met this requirement. Nevertheless, with our latest generation, we are taking things up a notch in terms of speed and quality, reaching a completely new level in terms of response times for laser welding and brazing.

The central component of the system is the DIX FDE-150 laser control - combinable with a front drive unit, wire straightening unit, hot wire power source as an option and other components from DINSE. Equipped with a new, powerful industrial PC and a multi-core processor, the laser control guarantees extremely short response times and high reproducibility of signal runtimes. The wire feed speed thereby follows the robot speed in real time and is thus four to five times faster in comparison to the predecessor system DIX FDE-100.


4 to 5 times faster response time for increased productivity

High reproducibility of signal running times for reduction of rework

V-prob capable for avoidance of welding defects and production scrap - the wire feed speed hereby follows the robot speed in real time 

Multi-core processor for fast signal processing

Interface for all fieldbus systems for guaranteed compatibility with your robot

Remote maintenance allows access to the control at any time and avoidance of production downtime, without presence on site

Insight into our product portfolio

The turbo for your reaction times: The innovative control with touch screen operation via the 7" color display regulates the complete hardware and software of the DINSE system. The extended process monitoring documents all relevant data.

Maximum precision and compact dimensions: The innovative four-roller system ensures particularly powerful wire feeding here while the integrated wire travel sensor ensures precise wire positioning. A consistent stick-out in any position is ensured by the wire brake (available as an option), which keeps the welding wire mechanically constant as the robot moves.

A new dimension in uniform wire feeding: Instead of sliding in wire guide cores, the filler material slides over rollers, each of which is offset by 90°. The Supraliner is the perfect complement for low-friction conveying of welding wires - with significantly minimized maintenance requirements.

Wire buffer technology included: The WD 300 FD guarantees a gentle, constant wire feed with less effort at the front drive. With DINSE wire buffer technology, this takes place entirely without delays in the feeding process.

Maximum flexibility in all parameters: The DIX HW 300 PULS is ideally suited for all DC hot wire processes. Pulse width, frequency and height can be set separately and according to individual requirements.

Specifically designed for laser welding applications: Clamps the wire during the welding process for consistently high TCP accuracy.



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