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The original is from DINSE

As a field-proven basic component of DINSE welding solutions, the DINSE cable coupling has made a significant contribution to smooth welding operations for over 60 years. 

The "DINSE coupling" is THE ORIGINAL and stands as a brand name worldwide for highest quality, precision and resilience for current transitions of powerful electrical applications. Arcing at the current transition or fusing of the internal parts is impossible.

At the same time, DINSE's sockets and plugs always have at least as high a load capacity as the connectable welding cables due to their perfect cone fit. All internal parts are protected by form-fitted rubber sleeves and thus reliably insulated.

A plus for increased efficiency: DINSE sockets and plugs match across series and can be combined with each other.


Uncompromising load capacity at exceptionally high currents

Precise cone contact ensures efficient current transfer

Flawless design ensures minimal wear

Cross-series compatibility for increased cost-effectiveness

Insight into our product portfolio

In welding operations, every move has to be right. This is where the original - the DINSE coupling - proves its worth. Plug together, tighten with a twist and the connection is perfect. Simple, safe and exceptionally resilient for constant and efficient current transitions.

To expand a welding system with additional components, you are guaranteed to find the right variant for a wide range of connection variants, installation diameters and depths in this range.

The matching connector for branching welding or ground cables is available in DINSE's portfolio of cable branching sockets and connectors - for fast and secure connection at up to 500 amperes (60% ED).

What is not compatible is made compatible: With the DINSE range of reducers, even different threads are securely connected to each other.



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