Individual solutions for efficient welding

Ideas sparkle at DINSE

Sometimes standards are not enough: This is exactly when DINSE is the right partner. Special solutions for complex welding processes have traditionally been one of our core competencies. Whether different torch lengths or angles from 1 to 130 degrees: You can get virtually anything from us that your special production processes require - especially with regard to component accessibility.

Size matters

The longest burner we have ever manufactured measures an impressive two meters. By comparison, the standard length is 140 to 150 millimeters. Innovation is not just a phrase in our team, it is part of our everyday work.

How can we realize any special solution? 

By also developing in-house operating equipment if required. For example, we have already built a flexible traversing unit that adjusts the X, Y and Z axes of each torch. This allows their tool centers (TCP) to be positioned precisely.

For the love of the welding trade

Even after decades on the market, we have never lost sight of what is important: the welders in the workshops and on the construction sites. Making their work easier is our primary goal. That's why with us you benefit at all times from uncompromisingly high quality - durable, low-maintenance, made in Germany. Challenge our expertise. 

Insight into our product portfolio

Special bend of the torch neck

Welding a workpiece that is difficult to reach: For this task, a customer needed a special torch in which the front bend of the torch neck goes directly into the next bend. With the help of a device developed in-house, DINSE succeeded in this remarkable production.

Special length of two meters

Welding doorframes not from the outside but from the inside: This request was made by one of our customers because he wanted to avoid visible weld seams. To do this, he needed a special torch with a length of two meters - the longest DINSE has ever manufactured.   

Tandem torch

Achieving a particularly high welding performance: A customer commissioned us with this request. We manufactured a solution for him in which two torches are combined at the front with a double gas nozzle - for improved welding speed and deposition rate.

Extremely short torch neck

Automated welding of gas pipelines: For this customer requirement, DINSE manufactured a special torch with an exceptionally short torch neck for use in pipe welding systems. This allows the robot to guide the torch around the outside of the pipe to efficiently draw the weld seam. 



Do you have any questions?

We are happy to be there for you. Simply use our contact form or send us an e-mail. You can reach us by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 8 AM until 4.30 PM - except on public holidays.

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The heart is the DINSE Academy, our technology center for training, events and joint exchange. 

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