Market launch: DINSE PlusLine goes on sale

The DINSE PlusLine:
New level for manual welding 

The new DIX MZ 304.PLUS and DIX M(Z) 330.PLUS manual welding torches raise the bar for performance and cooling in the industry and impress with ergonomics at their best.

THE BASIS of the PlusLine is the Premium torch technology of the DINSE 330 and 304 series, which, in addition to the proven DINSE top quality, also enables the use of identical wear parts and the same options for expansion and conversion: excellent component accessibility, efficient cooling and high performance thanks to a high duty cycle.

ON TOP, the PlusLine is equipped with an innovative handle, which was developed with a particular focus on ergonomics. Together with ergonomics experts, a shape has been developed that ensures excellent balance by providing excellent support for the welder's hand in every holding position. The shape has been optimized in numerous tests with welders from the field.

Ergonomics at its best: The result is a particularly slim, even handle that minimizes the strain on the forearm, hand and fingers during the welding process. The rubberized surface with additional ribbing on the button ensures a very good grip.

DINSE ball joint rethought: The ball joint of the PlusLine series consists of several individual links that can move within themselves, so that the welding torch can be guided precisely in all directions and around all axes with minimum effort. In conjunction with the decoupled sheath, welding is also possible in almost acrobatic positions with minimal strain on the welder. In addition, the ball joint is equipped with integrated kink protection: This does not consist of a separate rubber sleeve, but results from the stop of the flexible individual links when the ball joint bends. The ball chain is available as an original spare part and can be easily repaired if necessary.

Individually adaptable: The PlusLine handle can be adapted to the user's requirements. Four different button variants are possible. For example, you can start the welding process at the upper button, regulate the welding current directly at the torch or switch between different welding programs during the process. The cap and/or metal ring can also be customized with a logo or lettering.

FLYER PlusLine

Convincing details

In addition to the premium torch technology of the DINSE 330 and 304 series, the new PlusLine series from DINSE impresses with a new, innovative and particularly ergonomic handle. The very slim shape without interfering edges, perfect balance and the newly designed, flexible ball joint enable precise welding with minimised strain on the forearm, hand and fingers.

The PlusLine models are available in the liquid-cooled variants MZ 304.PLUS and MZ 330.PLUS with an output of up to 500 amps. The gas-cooled M330.PLUS variant offers a maximum output of 400 amps.

With the user in mind: The equipment of the handle can be customised. Four different push-button variants are possible.