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Market launch: The evolution of DINSE automatic torches

Now available on the market: The DIX METZ 74xx / 79xx automatic torches

DIX METZ 74xx and DIX METZ 79xx are the result of continuous development and represent the next generation of DINSE welding torches for automated welding. The modified connection interface in particular provides a range of new benefits: For example, the fit of the gas nipple and wire guide spigot has been made more precise, which has a positive effect on TCP accuracy. The torch is now optimally centred via the fit on the spigot and the alignment of the longitudinal axis via the gas nipple. This ensures the exact reproducibility of the torch position and the TCP - even after changing the gun insert.

The water valves are designed so that they only open when the gun insert is connected to the trim interface. This avoids sources of error due to leaking cooling water. In addition, the union nut is now replaceable. This means that in the event of wear only the union nut is required as a spare part which saves considerable costs. The modified geometry of the union nut reduces the interfering contours in the overall design and enables improved workpiece accessibility.

Further optimizations to the gun insert enable a longer service life for wear parts and greater efficiency. For example, the flushing chambers have been moved towards the arc and the transition area between the contact tip and gun insert has been significantly increased. Both measures result in even more efficient dual-circuit cooling and a reduced thermal load on the wearing parts. The replaceable threaded base can be exchanged easily when worn. The gas distributor encloses the contact tip almost flush and provides optimum protection against splashes adhering to the threaded area of the contact tip. In addition, the gun insert is finished with a new, high-quality paint that gives the torch a scratch-resistant and hard-wearing surface that is also less susceptible to splatter adhesion.

Customised torch configuration: The DIX METZ 74xx and -79xx automatic torches are each available in four different angles and three lengths. What used to be a customised product is now standard at DINSE and a convincing plus in terms of time and cost savings for the user, as all models, including wear parts, are available directly from stock.


Flyer Automation DIX METZ 74xx / 79xx

Optimised connection interface 

  • more precise fits for increased TCP accuracy

  • optimised water valves

  • replaceable union nut

More efficient dual-circuit cooling 

  • Shifting of the flushing chambers towards the arc (1)

  • Increased surface area between contact tip and gun insert due to the positive connection of the two components (2)

Customised torch configuration


The first choice in the automated sector - the DINSE DIX METZ 7400/7422/7436/7445 L/XL automatic torches.

For precise welding in hard-to-reach places and particularly in demand in the automotive sector - the DINSE DIX METZ 7900/7922/7936/7945 L/XL automatic torches.